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30 Birthday T-Shirt Design Ideas It was flight 23 and the pilot was another Captain Clark.

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In humans, each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosones. Women have two X chromosones while men have one X and one Y chromosone. Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by numerous enemies in the Roman Senate. His stab wounds were said to number William Shakespeare is believed to have been born on 23 April and he died on 23 April in , aged The number 23 was the constant in these two dates.

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The V sign is made by a hand keeping 2 fingers up with 3 digits down…. Whilst at Manchester United, David Beckham wore a lucky number 7 red shirt. Is it possible as some do to believe in the power of a number? Has anything spooky to do with the number 23 happened to you? Let us know in the comments below…. At the time the story was written, nearly four times as many players had worn 99 in the 21st century 15 than in all of the 20th century 4 , and nearly as many players had worn 0 in the 21st century 10 as in the 20th Only three two-digit numbers remained unissued by any MLB team—86, 89, and Often players grow emotionally attached to a number.

When a player switches teams, his number is often already in use. Since the MLB allows number changes at any time, bribes may occur for numbers. In , independent ball player Johnny Neves wore the number 7 backwards because "Neves" spelled backwards is "seven". Carlos May , who was born on May 17, wore number 17, meaning that his jersey read both his name and number and his birthday "May 17".

Some players who are unable to acquire the number they had on their previous team will obtain a similar number.

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For example, Roger Clemens wore 21 during the first 15 years of his career with the Red Sox and Blue Jays and during his college days at the University of Texas. When he joined the Yankees and the Houston Astros , he switched to Though he would eventually opt for 22, Clemens initially reversed his beloved 21, and wore Joe Beimel has worn 97 throughout his career because his first child was born in In his final season, playing for the Red Sox, J.

Snow wore 84 to honor his father Jack , a former NFL wide receiver. Eddie Gaedel , the dwarf who made one plate appearance for the St. The uniform belonged to the young son of Browns executive Bill DeWitt. The boy, William DeWitt Jr.

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Louis Cardinals. Baseball Hall of Fame manager Joe McCarthy never wore a digit on the back of his uniform with the Yankees — and Red Sox — , despite managing during the era when numbers became widespread in Major League Baseball. Joe Girardi , in his managerial role with the Yankees, wore 27 to signify his desire to lead the team to their 27th championship. The most legendary players, managers , or coaches on a team will sometimes have their uniform number retired , so that future players and coaches cannot wear those numbers with that team.

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Only the player with the retired number can wear that number if he returns to that team as a player or coach. Generally, such retirements are reserved for the very best, who in most cases, have impacted the entire league, and are most memorable. The highest player uniform number to be retired was Carlton Fisk 's 72, but the Cardinals retired 85 in honor of their one-time owner August Busch Jr. Though he never wore a uniform, that is how old he was at the time of the honor.

The Cleveland Indians retired the in in honor of "the fans", to commemorate the then-longest home sellout streak ever although MLB does not allow any team to issue three-digit uniform numbers. Eight players and one manager, Casey Stengel , have had their numbers retired with more than one team. Nolan Ryan had two different numbers 30 and 34 retired among three different teams.

The New York Yankees have retired more numbers than any other team 19 numbers for 20 players , including all non-zero single digit numbers, [37] meaning that many Yankees players get higher numbers because there aren't enough low numbers left. The Toronto Blue Jays traditionally had not retired numbers, but have an alternative method of honoring their players called the 'Level of Excellence'. They later retired number 32 in honor of Roy Halladay , after his death.

They also added him to the Level of Excellence. He is the first Mariners player to have his number retired. In , Major League Baseball, for the first time ever, made a Major League-wide retirement of a number.

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Number 42 cannot be issued to any new players, having been retired in honor of Jackie Robinson , although all players who currently wore the number upon the mass retirement of 42, such as Mo Vaughn and Butch Huskey of the Red Sox and Mets, were allowed to keep it under a grandfather clause if they were wearing the number in honor of Jackie Robinson. The Los Angeles Dodgers , for whom Robinson played as a Brooklyn Dodger , had already retired the number in before Robinson's death. However, the 42 would be worn by a number of players other than Rivera in , which marked the 60th anniversary of Robinson's first appearance in Major League Baseball the event that broke the sport's 20th-century color line.

Both gave their approval, and Selig later ruled that any player who wished to wear 42 on that date could do so. Three teams and several individual players on other teams wore 42 on that date; three other teams whose plans to wear 42 collectively were postponed due to rain on that date did so later in the month. Since , all players and coaches on all teams have worn 42 on April 15 in honor of Robinson. Some feel that Roberto Clemente deserves a similar honor, [40] and that 21 should be retired by all teams. He died in a plane crash in while helping earthquake victims from Nicaragua, ending his storied career too soon.

Number 21 is retired by Clemente's team, the Pittsburgh Pirates , and was worn by Sammy Sosa throughout his career as a tribute to his childhood hero.

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