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Brainstorm about adventures and breakthroughs that will boost exciting togetherness. Get yourself in the frame of mind to seek out collaborative catharses that evoke both sensory delights and spiritual insights. You could use that idea to achieve a finer grade of peace and grace in the coming weeks. The navel-gazing phase of your yearly cycle has begun, which means you'll be in closest alignment with cosmic rhythms if you get to know yourself much better.

One of the best ways to do that is to analyze what you pay most attention to. Another excellent way is to expand and refine and tenderize your feelings for what you pay most attention to. In Caracas, he reported, a friend might be called mi llave , my key, or mi pana , my bread. Since you are in the alliance-boosting phase of your cycle, Gemini, I trust that you will find good reasons to think of your comrades as your blood, your country, your key, or your bread.

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It's a favourable time for you to get closer, more personal, and more intimate. The affectionate depths are calling to you.

CANCER June July 22 : Your emotional intelligence is so strong right now that I bet you could alleviate the pain of a loved one even as you soothe a long-running ache of your own. You're so spiritually alluring, I suspect you could arouse the sacred yearning of a guru, saint, or bodhisattva. You're so interesting, someone might write a poem or story about you.

You're so overflowing with a lust for life that you might lift people out of their ruts just by being in their presence. You're so smart you could come up with at least a partial solution to a riddle whose solution has evaded you for a long time. LEO July Aug. At least that's how she identified herself.

Give it to me.

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They should disappear their arrogance but nourish their mandate to express leadership and serve as a role model. Be shiny and bright but not glaring and blinding.

Be irresistible but not envy-inducing. You are beginning the denouement of your yearly cycle.

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City Guide. Take a little sabbatical, Aries!


Your October horoscope is full of the Astro Poets' tips to getting a fresh start this fall, which kicks off with a bit of chaos and confusion. Find the latest W Magazine Horoscopes articles, fashion trends and get your favorite celebrity news from the top fashion authority. October Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Share How to Start Fall Off Right April 1, 9: 25 am.

You deserve it. This week, prioritize rest, self-care, and some alone time above all else. You may even see a former friend more romantically—why not?! Hey, social butterfly! Connections help your work life too, when Venus beautifies your career sector on Friday.

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Overtime, Gemini! Never forget what a creative problem-solver you are. Wanderlust strikes on Friday when Venus enters your international and educational sector.

Enjoy the adventures! Expansion, thy name is Cancer! The weekend gets sexy when Venus enters your erotic and authentic sector on Friday. Lean into intimate connections that have depth and staying power.

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Wear your crown proudly at work, Leo! This week showcases your leadership and moral authority on the job, so speak your truth directly yet compassionately when the opportunity arises. Romance is a skill, Virgo—this week, feel inspired to refine your technique!