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Financial Astrology – Stock market astrology – Weekly Stock Market Direction Prediction We are bearish on global equity markets including India for the quarter July thru September We might see equity indices globally at lows as tested in December We are only a handful of analysts globally who are bearish on global equities in balance months of We are bullish on Gold till the year A fresh 10 year bull run from to ! By the year - the levels could be even higher. Please book your profits in equities as one may not see current levels again in the balance months of Keep your powder try for investing in Debt funds and physical Gold.

The higher interest rates further slows down the US economy. Bond yields will rise in USA which leads to price correction in Bond prices. This puts pressure on investors who hold US Bonds as an investment. Our forecast is the imminent US Bond Market collapse by — China — slowing down of the GDP growth.

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Japan — deflation and slowdown in exports. It is a sea of red around the globe in financial markets. The only silver lining is physical Gold held in private vaults in Europe or Singapore. RBI Governor resigned on Almost all global pundits were saying by end Nov that global equities will recover from their October lows and retest yearly highs.

We feel global equity markets will correct very severely in December As mentioned earlier - the spillover effect may lead us to January It is very difficult at this juncture to predict short term Brent Crude Oil prices. US - China trade war is still un-resolved.

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The time window has been extended by 90 days. It does not mean that the issue is resolved. This postponement of the decision also led to the above mentioned recovery.

This fear remains unresolved. Italian Budget crisis - still looms large on EU Equity markets. The gap between 5Y and 10Y is also closing up. This is as per technical analysts is a signal of US economy slipping into recession.

We are not experts on this phenomenon. We might be proven right that global equity markets will be bearish till June ! We mentioned in our July post that we see a two and half year bear market forward in global equities! We are bearish on the US economy for two prime reasons :. US will have to raise its Debt Ceiling. We are sure on this happening before December How does US Fund this Deficit? Again issue fresh Bonds or print more US Dollars? Markets discount the future. A correction to - will translate to a correction of approx A brief snapshot of major global equity indices as per my understanding is as under :.

It will crash to a level of So should hold - failing which there will be a panic in Indian Equity markets. It closed today at We predict that we will see again the level of or lower in December We predict we will again see the level of or lower in December It closed today a bearish level of We feel we will again see a level of or lower in December We predict that we will see again the level of or even in December through Q1 Currently trading at a level of as we print this update.

This is a fresh 52 week low. Further correction is expected till levels of approx levels or lower in December Currently trading at a level of which is a fresh 52 week low. Currently trading at a level of Further correction is expected till levels of approx to levels or lower in December through Q1 This is the most bearish Index in the Eurozone as we fear a full blown banking crisis in Italy in the said period.

We suggest to all investors - in India or around the globe to start buying physical Gold. We have already mentioned our short term and long term targets for physical Gold. We all saw what happened in October to the global stock markets. We were correct in our predictions! A lot of equity markets around the world tested yearly or multi-year lows. Some indices while correcting reminded us of ! Our view for November and December remains unchanged as none of the following fears have left the markets :.

Iran sanctions. The spillover could be till January As of now just start buying physical Gold. Investors as advised to stay away from equity markets for the next couple of months. We were bearish on the global equity markets including India. We still are bearish for global equity markets till end December Emerging market equities and currencies were hammered in September We will now see equity markets in developed economies get pounded in Q4 Indian Equity markets were down in September It will test its 52 week low of in October It will further slip to or even by December All emerging market currencies have depreciated against the mighty US Dollar.

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US Dollar cannot keep rising against the world currencies the way its has rallied since May US Budget deficit and money printing will have its effect in Q4 of US Dollar will correct in December In December it would be the right time to buy physical Gold. Balance in Debt instruments and physical Gold.

Limit your exposure to equities. Invest in Debt instruments and physical Gold till the equity markets bottom out in Dec or Jan Investors might be thinking the reason why I did not update the India web page since Feb ? I was not clear as to why the global equity markets including India were still bullish since Feb to June with so much negative indicators around the world? But markets have their own reasons to move up or down. Third 20 year Bull Run started in Gold as per our estimates in Dec and will run till It will be close to a year that India witnessed de-monetization 8th Nov and GST was rolled out in India a few months back in Both these events were historical in the Indian economy since it's independence in For - also 5.

Chinese GDP figures we dont trust.

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They are all stage managed! Today Since both the indices are in uncharted territories - only extrapolation or trend analysis is the tool for prediction in the next two months of calendar Trend lines indicate further bullishness but sharp corrections are possible in bull markets. In fact these corrections are a healthy signs. We expect a sharp correction in the global equity markets over the next eight weeks and Indian stock market will also correct but with a lesser beta.

On sharp corrections we advise Indian investors to start buying the following stocks for a period of two to three years perspective :. These are military hardware related stocks in the Indian scenario. We will advise accordingly. APRIL We are back and apologize to investors that our prediction regarding Ms.

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Hillary Clinton was incorrect. We can only say - To err is human! Indian stock markets will be in bullish phase and benchmark indices may test new life time highs in April Time to take profits home at these life time levels! June to August There is this underlying risk in June We are recommending a very old favorite stock of ours for medium term investment - around a year. Buy at dips around Rs. Currently trading at Rs. This can be a multi-bagger over the next three years. One year target - Rs.

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We were incorrect in our prediction regarding Hillary Clinton. The demonetization of INR Slush money due to the tune of INR With one master stroke - this money has become worthless paper. Huge blow to the un-accounted cash economy. Now with loop hole plugged by the GoI - Indian Banking system will be flush with funds and there will be huge surge in taxes collected by the GoI over the next six month or so. Interest rates will come down in India. Personal income tax rates may come down in India.

Only 1. Imaging India could have a Budget Surplus!!! Property prices will correct seriously for another six months in India. Auto and White Goods sectors will also correct In India. Indian GDP will contract by 1. Out of a population of million Indians - less than than million Indians have access to banking sector.

With the demonetization drive the Indian Government under the reformist Prime Minister Modi wants the Indian economy to be ridden of corruption and cash-based economy. Banking sector in India will be flushed with funds over the next months as the Indian economy becomes more dependent on bank transfers and less cash transactions.

There will be pain in the economy for the next six months as service providers and traders will be paid by Cheques and Bank transfer and not cash. The new and INR denomination currency notes will be in the banking system in sufficient numbers over the next six months. Indian equity markets also corrected as predicted.

INR is trading at We could see a level of I feel these will be very good levels to buy Indian equities for a two year time horizons. We will mention sectors to buy into at these levels. Individual stocks - we recommend to our clients in our paid service. Indian Central Bank under the new Governor cut the key benchmark lending rate by 25 bpts to a record low of 6. Plus, this time we have divided the entire Financial Year in 12 months — so you also get the month-wise predictions for the whole FY.

You may,thus, take your positions accordingly to earn maximum profits. Plus, you will continue to get your customised Monthly Nifty trend chart for each month and weekly predictions for each week.

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As a charming bonus, you get predictions on sensitive time frames for 30 more companies listed as of now in Nifty This means, you now shall have access to excellent investment advice, basis planetary transits, for all the companies listed in Nifty Know how your Moon Sign will interact with the in-effect planetary combinations in the next 12 months to bring you various results.

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